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Basketball season isn’t just fun for the players, it’s something everyone in the community can get excited about! However, at Good Clean Fundraising, we understand that making sure your team has everything they need to have a truly “winning” experience can be a challenge. Quality uniforms, new balls and equipment, subsidized expenses for travel or championships – all of these things and more can make for a better experience overall for both players and their families. Choosing the right basketball fundraiser can mean money for all of your program’s wants and needs, but how do you find a basketball fundraiser that garners high participation and brings in enough cash for all your time and effort? Good Clean Fundraising is the answer!

Good Clean Fundraising offers basketball programs around the country a fresh, innovative and lucrative basketball fundraiser. Our unique product and approach was built around what is important to you: raising funds for the team, while selling friends and family a product that will actually save them money! How is that possible? At Good Clean Fundraising, we provide a premium liquid laundry detergent for sale in a 5 gallon bucket. The wholesale nature of this packaging allows for reduced pricing over traditional retail price. The result is a great opportunity for your team’s supporters to stock up and support your players at the same time. It’s an unbelievable slam dunk all around!

Our Basketball Fundraiser is Different

Working with Good Clean Fundraising means implementing a different and exciting approach to fundraising for your team; in fact, we believe that this difference is one of our biggest strengths. Our liquid laundry detergent basketball fundraiser helps your team be successful by keeping a few key things in mind. First, we believe that friends and family absolutely want to support your players. Secondly, we realize that they are probably tired of purchasing chocolates, Christmas ornaments, candles and other decorative items at many times the fair retail price. The key to this conundrum is offering Value Priced Necessities – practical household items that everyone has to buy, but at a reduced price that actually makes sense for their budget. Players can feel good about selling this product, and supporters can feel good about supporting the basketball fundraiser and saving money at the same time. Plus, Good Clean Fundraising pays a higher percentage of the profit margin back to your team, as compared to many other commonly used fundraisers.

Our Basketball Fundraiser is Better

When you choose Good Clean Fundraising for your next Basketball Fundraiser, your team will enjoy all the benefits of a better fundraiser. After all, everyone can appreciate higher sales volume and greater profits when matched with a can’t miss, easy to sell product. Liquid laundry detergent is something that everyone you approach will likely buy while shopping in the next few days, so it’s a necessity – not a luxury that isn’t in the budget. And, by supporting your basketball fundraiser, family, friends and neighbors can experience significant savings. For instance: at around $45.00 per 5 gallon bucket, the per ounce price is only $.07 per ounce. When buying individual bottles at the grocery or department store, consumers generally spend an average of $.13 – $.15 per ounce. That adds up to a savings of up to 50% with Good Clean Fundraising. Great savings and funds for your basketball team equal a winning combination that everyone can agree on!

When it comes to getting the equipment, uniforms and other resources your team needs, one of the best aspects of our program is a higher return on the profit margin of sales for your basketball fundraiser. Your team will be able to make more money with the same amount of effort, which can really make a difference. Small, dedicated groups an see a profit of $5,000 or higher in just a few weeks. Larger groups have made more than $25,000 in the same amount of time. When you set goals and work with Good Clean Fundraising, you can achieve any goal for your basketball fundraiser.

As a Good Clean Fundraising partner, you’ll also receive incredible service and support that is unparalleled in the industry. Customized order forms will be mailed out for your team’s use with personalized logos and information, which lends the basketball fundraiser credibility and helps get players and supporters excited. An effective campaign via social networking can also make a big difference, which is why we’ll help you implement one from the start. Players and coaches can also find great tips on everything from increasing participation to distributing final orders.

Start Your Basketball Fundraiser Today!

With an easy to sell, necessities-based product, comprehensive support and a great profit margin, Good Clean Fundraising is a slam dunk for your team. It’s easy to get started right away. Just contact our experienced staff today for more information, and make filling your team’s needs a reality!


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10.10.13 Good Clean Fundraising voted Best Fundraising Program for Schools, Churches, and Youth Athletics Organizations
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